SPT – 42

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  1. The best birthday gift was Big Daddy getting offered a temporary contract position…that pays him money.
  2. 2nd best? Ritter bars
  3. I thought it was nice of Big Daddy to take the day off of work to spend my birthday with me.
  4. I am still younger than all my siblings.
  5. My Dad still calls me his baby.
  6. When my Mom was 42 she was a grandma.
  7. I don’t think I will be a grandma by the time I am 52, maybe by 62.
  8. I will be 57 when Ham graduates from High School…holy crap
  9. I hope to have Ham potty trained before I start wearing diapers myself.
  10. I have been debating about not coloring my hair anymore. I love gray hair, but I really don’t want to be mistaken for Ham’s Grandma.
  11. I have age spots on my hands…and I kind of like them.
  12. Botox? I would do it in a moment to get rid of the scowl wrinkle in my forehead
  13. I would also like a boob lift
  14. And maybe a tummy tuck
  15. Or maybe a full body lift.
  16. But not liposuction.
  17. I am beginning to be able to forecast the weather by my knee and ankle.
  18. My right knee feels about 100 years older than the rest of me.
  19. When I watch my old dog struggle to get up I know how he feels.
  20. I have almost given up wearing high heels because I am in too much pain the next day.
  21. I love wearing high heels.
  22. But not more than wearing flip flops.
  23. Even my slippers are flip flops.
  24. I like bling.
  25. I am going to be one of THOSE old ladies.
  26. I even wear a toe ring…all the time.
  27. I recently had nails put on again.
  28. I wish I could find someone that does them as well as the person who did them a few years ago.
  29. I have never had a pedicure.
  30. I hate having my feet touched.
  31. And I hate it when anyone touches me with their feet.
  32. I like wearing fun colors on my toe nails. (right now they are teal)
  33. I eat a little bit of chocolate everyday.
  34. Some days it is a lot.
  35. I found myself wandering around Wal-Mart the other day…just for fun.
  36. I was scared.
  37. I do like to wander around Costco.
  38. And Target.
  39. And World Market.
  40. One of my favorite ways to spend my day is cuddled up in bed with a book.
  41. And a Dr Pepper.
  42. I have read over 42 books in the last year, closer to 50.



  1. You don't look a day over 30.

    Hope it was a great one!

  2. I hope you had a wonderful B-day!

  3. I'm glad it was a good day.

    I'm weird about my feet too.

  4. Happy birthday! & I hate feet too.

  5. Glad your B-day was great. I especially had to laugh at #9. You crack me up.

  6. You are sooo funny! I loved the chocolate part. Chocolate is one of the major food groups. Happy Bday again!

  7. I'm so glad you did this! It helped me get to know you better. How fun! Glad you had a nice birthday.

  8. How true all of that is.....