Happy Birthday Gramps

Today is my brother Morris’ birthday. He is 3 years and 13 days older than me (do you like how I always say how much older my siblings are than me? That is the beauty of being the youngest!)

Angle Kids 1976

He is the middle child so he is always doing something to draw attention to himself.

chief morris

He is the story-teller of our family. He can make the most boring story fascinating and action packed.


But today it is my turn to tell a little story about him.

When Roo was born she was much earlier than we expected. As soon as she was delivered she was taken to the NICU and put on a ventilator. Big Daddy and I were extremely protective of her and hadn’t put any names on the list of people who could visit her in the NICU. Big Daddy and I had gone down to the NICU to see her and the nurse told us that her Grandpa had been in to see her. We knew it wasn’t my Dad, he was on a mission in Utah, and we called and it hadn’t been Big Daddy’s Dad. It ended up being Morris and the nurse just thought he was her Grandpa.

morris w baby adam

This is him holding Ham.

Happy Birthday Morris!

morris mountain



So do you like my break from blogging…yeah that was about as long as I could stay away right now!


  1. Your title is funny! I love that he pretended to be the Grandpa. Sounds like you have a great relationship with him.

  2. heheee
    yep, that is a good one!
    pictures are priceless!

  3. happy birthday to Morris and I KNEW you couldn't stay off of FB for long...


  4. Happy Birthday to your brother Morris! He sounds like a wonderful guy!

  5. aw, sweet! Happy Birthday Morris!
    Hope he has a great day.
    Glad you didn't stay away too long!

  6. That background is so stunning, I had to look closely at it to see if it was real or a backdrop!