Word of the Year for 2010


1. to hold or treat as dear; feel love for 2. to care for tenderly; nurture 3. to cling to fondly

As I sat down to think about my Word of the Year for this year I started thinking about what my upcoming year holds. Like most Moms thinking about what lies ahead for me includes a few extra people. I love my little family and I cherish it. I feel completely blessed to have the family I do. I love my Husband…and it feels incredible to say that and mean it with all of my heart and soul. We have been through so much together, both good and bad. We are a great team. I feel that we work well together and play off each others strengths and weaknesses. Well, his strengths play off my weaknesses really well. I cherish our relationship and I look forward to doing my best to nurture it and make it stronger. My kiddos are amazing. It is really mind-boggling that these are my children. I really feel that they are who they are in spite of me, not because of me. They truly make me want to be better than I am. I cherish them and their potential. And just as importantly I feel this is a great year to take better care of me and nurture myself. I feel that sometimes I let myself get lost in the wife and mother role. It’s a good time the cherish the woman I am. I need to take better care of myself so that I have what I need to care for those around me. Not just taking time for me…I do that, but making sure I put the time I take for me to good use, to cherish the time to make me a better person.

It has all the potential to be an exciting year for our family. Ham is going to be turning 3 in a couple of weeks. He isn’t a baby anymore. And in a couple of months Big J will be turning 12. He isn’t a teenager yet, but that is coming so quickly. I feel like this year is such a small window in my children’s lives. I don’t have a baby that requires constant and sometimes mind-numbing care and I don’t have teenagers yet and all the stress and angst that comes with that stage in our lives. I feel like that small window in our lives should be cherished. We are at the point where we can do things together without totally stressing about naptimes and worrying about packing a diaper bag (even if Ham isn’t potty trained it’s not a big deal to throw a couple of diapers in my purse or in his backpack) and yet we aren’t are SO over-scheduled with teenage activities that we can get away to spend that all-important family time together. I think this is the perfect time to make memories and cherish each other and impact we have on each other. I have noticed that the level of name-calling and senseless bickering is getting a little out of control in our home. I want my children to realize how important their siblings are to them. I want them to cherish their relationships with each other.

And I also cherish you. I am constantly amazed at the friendships and the relationships that have developed out of this crazy blog. I will continue to cherish the time you take out of your life to visit me and our Chaos.


Do you have a word of the year?


  1. What a great idea. I need to think of my word for the year.
    Oh Thanks for be my blog buddy!

  2. Do you always have a word of the year? I may just have to steal this idea.

  3. I have a word of the year... I actually bought a plaque at Tai Pan today that said in gigantic letters BE (with a tiny just above it)

    I was going to post about my word tonight. I really like the word of the year dealio.

  4. Wonderful post 'lene.
    Yep, I already have my 2010 word... you will have to check it out.
    Love ya

  5. I just came up with mine today actually :) Mine is "consistency".
    Best of luck for your word of the year!

  6. Great word and great post behind it. I'm not sure I can come up with just one word. I'll have to think on it.

  7. Wife, I really like your post and I really love you. I will try to do my part to help you feel extra Cherished this year.

  8. Beautiful post Lene!! You might have written this just for me!!!! I SO SO SO needed to read this. I too, have a daughter turning 12 this year, my boys will turn three, and Haley has big birthday number 8 and a baptism this month!!!!!!!!

    The bickering and name calling is getting out of hand around our house too (and I'm just as bad as the kids).
    As far as my word goes, I've been trying to think of something that signifies being, acting, thinking, behaving in a positive manner--to go along with my resolution. Still thinking on it.

  9. Happy New Year!
    I like your feelings about your word for the year.
    I have mine finally figured out, and we worked on our family word and got that one pegged too. I love how having a word helps us focus.

  10. Your word for the year sounds perfect. Please comment on it and keep us posted throught the year. I'm still thinking about mine.

  11. I like your word. I will have to think of one.