Private Doesn’t Always Mean Privileged

One of Big Daddy’s coworkers had the opportunity to go on a private tour of Chase Field where the Arizona Diamondbacks play. He invited some of the guys from work to join him on the tour. Big Daddy took the Boyz with him for a little Boys Night Out.


What they didn’t know before they got there is that the “Private Tour” was just a sales tactic to try to sell season tickets. It was only their small group, but they did have to listen to the spiel.

The field wasn’t even set up for baseball. There was a motocross and monster truck course where the field should have been.


They got to see where the clubhouse was, but they couldn’t go in.


They did get to tour the extremely dusty and dirty dugout.


Big Daddy practiced his General Manager stance in case he gets the call to come save the team.


They did get to see a couple of behind the scene details.

This bar was put up for Randy Johnson to hang on to help his bad back.


And this is the “Strike Out Tire”. You know when you are watching a baseball game and there is a bad call and the player storms into the dugout and throws his batting helmet and disappears for a little while? Well they used to go and tear up this little room. To put a stop to that so they put this tire up and now the players just beat up on the tire instead of trashing the room.


I might try this in Ham’s room.

They also saw some of the Diamondbacks memorabilia.


Including the trophy from the World Series.


Even if the “private tour” wasn’t quite what they were expecting, they did have fun.


  1. I'm glad they still had fun, but what a sneaky trick to pull.

  2. When Rich and I went on our honeymoon, we got a choice of several things to do, one of which was horse back riding. I want to do it. So we did...but first...we had to hear alll about time shares. Oh well...the horse back ride was very cool...we even crossed a raging river of death. Looks like your boys had a good time. That's what matters most.

  3. at least they got to have a little fun.
    Seeing that BIG trophy is pretty cool too!

  4. Eh, it's still a fun guys day out! The kids won't remember having to endure the spiel years from now but they WILL remember the rest.