Menu Monday

Menu Monday

I can’t believe I completely forgot to post this earlier. Duh…

Our week this week is a little funky and there isn’t much planning on my part.

  • Monday – Scrambled eggs. Big Daddy and the Boyz are off having a Boyz Night Out so that means I don’t have to cook real food. I actually thought about just having popcorn but Roo said she was STARVING so I went one step beyond popcorn.
  • Wednesday – Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. We will be dining on Spaghetti.
  • Thursday - Pizza
  • Friday – Dinner at my Dad’s. I don’t know what we will be having for dinner, but I guarantee there will be s’mores for dessert.
  • Saturday – Who knows
  • Sunday – Roast and potatoes or Yorkshire Pudding

I really need to break out of my rut…again.


  1. how many does your soup serve? sounds yummo...I had scrambled eggs for supper last friday night. It was just me, myself and I for supper...


  2. I dusted off Pinch of Chaos today. I was looking for Recipes I need to make something
    new for when my mother in law comes.
    I had decided to use your drumstick recipe and this Chicken tortilla soup. Sweet and Sour meat balls..
    that is 3 new recipes I haven't made for her before!..

    I will let you know how they go..

  3. I made your Chicken Tortilla Soup last week! My family loves it.

  4. Kirk and I had Ruben sandwiches last night.
    I am not sure yet what is for dinner,maybe your soup!
    Love ya

  5. I made chicken and dumplings last week when you posted it as one of your meals. It was sooo good.

    When I make "fake dinner" it is usually pancakes and eggs.

  6. Does your family like french dip? I love to cook a roast just for those, although Connor hates that meat cooking smell. Weird huh?

    I bought a Honeybaked Ham yesterday (50% off coupon on their website) and made funeral potatoes. It felt like Christmas since that's our normal Christmas meal. Tonight - leftovers! Tomorrow - something else with ham.