St. Nicholas

I was doing a little reading about Santa Claus and the traditions we celebrate…yes, I am a dork and apparently a pagan.

I came across the tradition of St. Nicholas and learned how in some countries in Europe it is the main gift-giving day so Christ and his birth can be the focus of Christmas day.

So Saturday night we put our shoes out for St Nicholas (you are supposed to put them outside, but I decided by the front door was good enough).


And on Sunday morning we woke up with our shoes full of little gifts.


And a familiar little elf.


Who knew he works for saints too.

I don’t think St. Nicholas day will replace Christmas for gift-giving, but it was fun to celebrate.

I was informed by a friend, via facebook, who is from Germany that I celebrated it a day early. I will have to remember that for next year.


  1. I served my mission in Belgium, and they celebrate it there. Instead of elves, they have Black Pete, a moor, who travels with St. Nick by boat, and donkey. You also leave hay in the shoes for the donkey to eat.

  2. How fun is that. Boy all these celebrations can be expensive!!

  3. My daughter was asking about this. I knew about St. Nicholas filling the childrens shoes, but what I didn't know is that there was a day set aside for him so not to take away from the birth of our Savior. That is very cool. And no, you most certainly are NOT a dork!

  4. What a fun idea! I remember learning about this a long time ago, but never thought to incorporate it into our holiday.

  5. we pagans need to stick together, ill take any reason to celebrate anything, and i love this holiday.

  6. I with MaryRC on this one...bring on the Parties!
    In Argentina (or at least that is what they are telling Kira) it is in January sometime that you leave your shoes full of "straw" to get your gifts.