The Gifts

Okay here is the story on the tins.


I saw this post on Neighbor Jane Payne’s blog and knew I finally had the answer for my toughest gifts…Teachers and all those other important school people. So if you are one of those people stop reading now.

Did you stop?

Okay I will go on…

So I immediately went to papermart.com and ordered my tins. I ordered the small with window for $0.83 per tin and 24 tins per box. With shipping I think my order was $27 something or maybe $28 and it was here in two days. But after going back and looking at Jane’s post I think they ordered the rectangle with window for $0.88 per tin. The two differences I notice was they were able to get 9 candies in their tin and I could only fit 8 and their tin has a larger window. It’s not a big deal, but I think I like the other tin better. I mean really, a whole piece of chocolate more.

So this is what I did.

Take one of these


and a piece of patterned paper (I cut mine 1X3 inches so 12X12 inch paper leaves you without waste, hmm I wish I would have measured how long the strips needed to be before I started with 8X8 inch paper)


then some of this (you know a craft is good if you get to use this)


do this (Can you see the doubled-sided tape?)


start here with the end without tape


and wrap (the reason I ended it on the side is because sometimes in transit I noticed the candies would flip over and be upside down and I didn’t like the seam showing on the bottom)


then take this (papermart.com)


and do this (only 8…so sad)


and you have this


or this depending on the paper you used


this is the stack of paper that I was using and mixing the patterns in each tin (not realizing that the kiddos would fight over who got what tin…um yeah)


Then make them pretty like this


or this


I really couldn’t get a picture that did justice to the tulle. It really is cute, but not nearly as cute as the red ribbon. I don’t think I have enough red ribbon for all the tins I need to do and there is no way I am taking all 5 kids back to Walmart again!

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And the best part…they are the perfect size to slip a gift card in.


  1. Basically I did the same thing, but I used a BIG Hershey bar and typed this poem on paper and put it on either red paper or green paper-like a sleeve....
    Christmas Fudge!

    Dashing from the malls
    with groceries yet to buy,
    lunches, laundry, lessons…
    life’s so crazy – why???

    Bells on our phone ring,
    the machine will take the call,
    we have no time to
    spend with friends,
    It drives us up the wall!

    How are you? How’s your life?
    We really want to know.
    Hope you’re ready for Christmas,
    now maybe it will snow.

    A day or two ago,
    we thought we’d make a treat,
    for all our special friends –
    a Christmas gift to eat.

    Our intentions were top notch,
    but our schedules wouldn’t budge,
    hence, here’s this year’s edition
    of homemade Christmas Fudge!

    then I put a snowflake sticker on the front and a penguin sticker on the back

    I will have to take a picture of it and post it on FB...


  2. Lene,This makes me want to fabricate some kind of teacher.. just to make a teacher gift. BUT! i need a small gift for someone. i saw tins like that at Joanns they had a pattern on them I only really want 2. if i get some plain red and green paper to match the tin.. i get to eat the leftover candy!!

  3. Great idea to use these tins for gifts.
    thanks for sharing.

  4. I love them! What a fantastic idea! This would explain the comment on FB about double sided tape! You amaze me with your creativity! You rock!

  5. You are so darn talented!
    I love Cousin Judy's poem too!

  6. Really cute. You do some darling things. As a side note, I LOVE your "Christmas" word garland around your tree. Super cute. Wondering where you got it.

  7. Sooo cute!! I wonder if I will remember that next year...or for a birthday even.

  8. Oh my gosh. So freaking cute!! I love it. Thanks so much for a terrific idea!!! I NEVER know what to do for the teachers, and this is perfect!