SPT - Transformation

Vanessa did this little post.

And I thought to myself, “Self, that looks like fun.”

Okay not really fun, but why the heck not put myself out there for the world to mock.

So here is my transformation…and don’t hate me because I am beautiful!

First thing in the morning, right out of bed.


As a matter of fact I did have a crappy night sleep and wanted to still be in bed…thank you very much!

Out of the shower all shiny and clean.


Well more freckly (is that a word?) than shiny, but whatever.

And finally after I have waved the magic wand and a few brushes.


I am so grateful for make-up.

And yes I do put on make-up every day and do my hair…even if I don’t leave my house.

Now getting dressed is whole different story.


  1. I LOVE THIS! Beautiful!! Just beautiful.
    I love your freckles.
    And I totally get the getting ready but not the clothes part!

  2. I agree with you if i don't do my hair an makeup.. what if someone comes to the door.. I can do it in my "house clothes" that's different than bed clothes..right.

    I always wanted freckles like my best friend.. she used to tell me I would hate them if I had them..

  3. what a fun idea! I may have to try it. :)
    You are so pretty. :)

  4. I think I see a trend beginning. I honestly forget about makeup. I need to take time for me. All those facial goodies!! You look beautiful before and after. I am like Gramee, my best friend is covered in freckles. She used to hate them, but as an adult she has learned to love them. I had horrible acne growing up, I would have traded them in for the freckles in a heartbeat.

    You look like a MODEL!!!!

    I would do the first picture and then the last and people would be saying...I still do not see a difference.

    You are beautiful with or without the makeup...

    and I agree ...clothes...are over rated!
    I love you!

  6. Way to play along...the RIGHT way!

    Very sexy!

  7. Good for you. Most women would not post such pictures even if they do look great.

  8. I love the sassy haircut! It fits you perfectly. I don't wear make up everyday but it sure feels different on days I do/don't.

  9. The towel is a good color for you. Fun pictures! I need you to teach me how to put on make-up--cause I hardly ever wear it.

  10. You are so funny, and brave! I'd never do a before and after as I'd scare people waaaay to much!

    I do the make-up/hair thing each day also although I can't do make-up as good as you. I'm so bad in that area! My mom can put make-up on like a professional. Obviously she never passed on her talent!

  11. I love make-up too but I'm not as brave or beautiful as you when I first wake up in the morning.

  12. I am a fan of make-up too! I think you look great in both photos!

  13. I've been too chicken to play. You make it look easy.