SPT – Quarantine


We started our fall break with gorgeous Arizona fall weather. For those of you in other parts of the country that means weather in the mid-80’s.


Unfortunately I have a couple of really sick kids that aren’t enjoying it. They have both been running fevers. Last night Ham’s jumped to 104.7, yeah I was a little nervous, with a bath and drugs I was able to get it down to 101.5. Big J has a lower fever but a really bad cough. I hoping to keep it isolated to just these 2.


Because who really wants to spend a 2 week break with 5 sick kiddos?


  1. Oh No!!!
    and what the!!! 2 weeks break and you are not here with me????

    Hope the boys get feeling better. Ham´s fever is a bit scary

  2. Oh no! So sorry!! That is not a fun way to spend the break. But I guess it's good that they won't have to miss any school work. Do you need me to bring you anything?

  3. wow 104.7, that is so hot! So sorry and i hope everyone feels better soon.

  4. I hate when kids are sick. I could never be a pediatric nurse and work in the hospital. I hope you get to do some fun things!

  5. That stinks! Hope they get better soon. I can't believe you guys have a 2 week break! Yikes

  6. I hope you can keep it isolated. I never seem to be able to at our house. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Hope you have a great fall break.

  7. Bummer that they are sick. Sick kids is rough. :( Even worse during break. But then, they won't miss school that way. Prayers that it stops with them. Take it easy.