1. I almost enjoyed the first week of fall break more than the second week. The kiddos were too sick to fight and argue. They seem to be trying to make up for the lost fighting time.

2. Did you know you can use your KitchenAid to do this:


Neither did I, but my friend Molly is a pretty smart cookie. This is chicken and it works just as good on beef.

3. So Cub Scouts…again. Hmmm. That is all.

4. My kids are growing way too fast. I am having a hard time keeping up with who has outgrown what. I wish I got new shoes as often as they do.

5. Ham has a new skill.


I will spare you the details of the next step.

6. A good eyelash curler is worth it’s weight in gold.


  1. I am glad your kids feel better. I am sorry about the fighting. That is never fun.

  2. Glad your kids are all feeling better! I wish Allie would get better..
    And believe me I have seen Charly finish that picture!! Blahhhhh!!!

  3. hhheeee
    sounds like a child filled home!
    Love ya

    and NO I did not know that...pretty smart!

  4. I have a feeling my Kitchen-Aid can do a lot of things I don't know about. That is genious!

    I almost liked it when my kids were little and got sick, because they were so sweet and just wanted me to cuddle with them. Perfect excuse to do nothing except read my book.

  5. wow I love my KitchenAid even more NOW!

  6. i got a kitchen aide only a year ago, how ive lived without it i do not know. and i am so sorry about ham's new skill..