Menu Monday

  • Monday – Carne Asada
  • Tuesday – Chicken Stir-fry (a holdover from last week)
  • Wednesday – Homemade Macaroni and Cheese
  • Friday - Pizza
  • Saturday – I am pretty sure we will eat something at some point.
  • Sunday – Yep, it’s Roast again


  1. There are days when I am so glad my husband does the cooking!

  2. You have intrigued me with the Carne Asada.

    I have GOT to get back to planning!

  3. Sounds good to me. What time do you eat? If I lived close by I might just have to pop in for dinner at your house, everything on your menu looks good. (On Saturday I think I would pick up Chinese food if it was me, tee hee)

  4. mmmm, sweet and sour meatballs sound good!!
    Maybe I should just copy and paste your menu to my fridge!

  5. Your menu sounds much better than mine.

    Monday: movie popcorn
    Tuesday: who knows, maybe spaghetti
    Wednesday: will my husband be home or not?
    Thursday: hmm...
    Friday: pizza?
    Saturday: do I have to cook again?
    Sunday: something in the crockpot maybe

  6. your menu this week sounds really good....
    I am trying to remember what to eat...