1. I might have driven Big Daddy over the edge asking him to rearrange boulders in our front yard.

IMG_0969 IMG_0965 IMG_0967

2. Overheard this week: “I forgot what I was just doing. Oh, that’s right…nothing.” And no, it wasn’t me that said it. Or Big Daddy.

3. I love that LaLa has started saying “Ooo-la-la” in everyday conversations.

4. My 11 year old son said I was pretty. I floated on that for days.

5. LaLa has beautiful hair and I love doing fun things with her hair. The other day after doing a fun braid and showing it to her she told me it looked like Poop. She went to school with Poop hair.

IMG_0960 IMG_0962

6. Last night the kiddos were bouncing off the walls like manic monkeys a little hyper. I told them to just turn on the TV and chill for a little while. A few minutes later I walked through the room and they were all sitting around reading or being read to. I almost started crying.

7. I am really tired of tweezing and waxing. Can’t big, bushy uni-brows be attractive?!?


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  2. I think i would cry happy tears too! :)

  3. The boulder thing is totally something I would do. (I like the area in front of your front door - btw)

    Poopy hair. Guess that's better than poopy pants.

  4. i agree, let's start a new trend ok. I won't tweeze or wax if you won't!!!
    Love the poopy hair, I think it looks pretty cute!

  5. rocks and hair. now that's a random post! How are you? I've missed you. You look fantastic...btw!