Moving and Shaking

My posting for the next week will be pretty sporadic. We are moving…again. In the 13 years we have been married we have lived in 7 different places. Will we ever learn?

We weren’t really planning on moving, but when things happened and opportunities were placed before us we knew it was time to move.

The best (or worst) part of this move?

This is where we live now:


and this is going to be our new home:


Old house:


New house:


Yeah, the last 2 pictures were taken from the same spot. We are moving 2 doors down.

Again…old house:


New house:


The sidewalk between these 2 houses have been worn down with kids back and forth playing together.

It is a beautiful house and we feel very fortunate to make it our home.


We will dearly miss our friends that used to live there.


And are very grateful for their friendship. It has been a very emotional week as I have watched them pack up their things to move and a little strange knowing that as soon as they were gone we were going to start moving in.


We did wait until the day after they left to move a few things in and put our mark on our new home.


And I am not looking forward to the next week of packing. Can I just burn it all and start all over?


  1. Moving right in the middle of the AZ summer heat...sounds like something we'd do!

    When we moved into this house we still owned the other one so we took our time moving in...and we moved a few boxes at a time, unloading them and putting stuff away before going back and filling up the boxes again. We always joke that we moved into our house using the same 4 boxes.

    I'm sorry your dear friends moved away...great friends are hard to come by these days!

    Have you sold your current house?

  2. please let me know if you need any help, even if it is just watching your little ones to get them out of your hair for a while.

  3. well congrats on the new house and good luck with all the moving...the thought of that makes my head hurt. Of course, if I moved I would probably get rid of a lot of stuff around here that we just keep hanging on to!

  4. oh moving! We have moved 14 times in our 14 years of marriage. This last move though has stuck, we have been in this home for 4 1/2 years. Maybe this next move will stick for you?
    Good luck moving everything- do you pack or just carry a few items over at a time?

  5. Good luck! I would totally help, but I live too far away. OH, and its kind of hot there.

  6. Oh how I hate moving! But at least it's close. That has to make it easier. And you can still stand on your tramp to watch your son walk to school.

    Hey, are you going to be at the ELP Open House on Wed? Will we finally meet?

  7. You're gonna love that third car garage too!

  8. I leave for a couple of weeks and I have to find out on your blog that you are moving!
    Well, at least you know you will be comforatble :-)
    Has Roo already called for Anslee´s room?
    I love you and am always thinging about you!

  9. So far we have been moving a little at a time...using the same 3 boxes. Oh how I hate packing.
    And Tammy it's better than the trampoline, I can watch him walk home from my kitchen window.

  10. Ooo, I want to burn all of my stuff too. Lets have a bonfire party! Good luck with your move. Hope you enjoy your new home.

  11. Wow- I haven't been on blogs for who knows? And your moving! Wow- And across the street. I guess that has it's goods & bads. Stay in the same ward... Same school, same neighborhood, same neighbors that you might like or not... Bigger house!
    Can carry things across the street instead of having to load a trailer back & forth.
    Let me know if you any help.

  12. I hope you enjoy your new home. Let me know if I can help you. I'm one of those weird people that actually don't mind moving (maybe it's because I have been stuck in my house for so long).

  13. ah, well congrats on the new home. That's pretty cool. I love moving and I hate moving. It's so much work, but such a good way to go through all the cr@p I've accumulated over the years. Hope it goes quick for you though. Sorry you're losing good neighbors. That's definitely a bummer.