Have You Met Harry?

There is a movie that opened recently that the boyz were dying to see. Perhaps you have heard of it?


They are both big Harry Potter fans. This summer we had a Harry Potter day where we watched the first 5 movies one right after the other in anticipation of the new movie. Trust me that much Hogwarts makes for a long day.

I told them in order to go see the movie in the theater they both had to read the book and I would re-read it.


All 652 pages.


It took Big J about 2 weeks to finish it.


And Einstein finished it in 2 1/2 weeks.


So on Saturday we got a babysitter for the kidlets and took the boyz to the movie.


I am not sure how Big Daddy got away with coming with us without first reading the book!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog today. your family is delish!

    ps, I still have a baby in diapers so I will not be free from diapers just yet! lol and we will prob have another one someday! crazy I know!

  2. I love that others make their children read the book first! All 5 movies...you deserve a medal. I tell my oldest she has to read any book that is out before she can see the movie. She is now my biggest reader, she has even passed me up!

  3. When I feel like Drew can watch these and not be totally freaked out by Dementors and some of the other crazy things that might freak him out I am totally making him read each and every book first. You are seriously such a good influence on me!

  4. I got to watch the movie because I PAID for the book. And the movie. And you love me and allowed me to go. And I'm a lucky guy.

  5. Big Daddy...you broke the rules! But, I see your point :)

  6. I see how it works. Big Daddy....buying his way into everything.

  7. Yes we have met Harry and my kids are big fans! .
    Great movie!

  8. Are you kidding? You are awesome! My boys haven't even picked up a book in a month. I keep trying to get them to read Fablehaven. But It's SUMMER for a few more days!!!
    Yeah I can't believe Big Daddy went & didn't have to do anything....

  9. Good on you Lene! That is great that they read it such a short time! My girls are just reading so harry potter seems a long way off! I loved the movie! Can't wait to see it agagin!