To Your Stations

When you live in Arizona the summers can be a little tricky. It really is too hot to let the kiddos play outside very long, but you really don’t want them just being TV zombies.

This summer I didn’t really have to worry about planning things for the kids to do. Big J came up with a plan on his own.

Every other day during the week the kids have “stations”. They have it organized so each person starts on a different station each day and each station lasts one hour. When I say organized, I mean organized. They printed up a calendar with the rotation schedule and everything. They set the timer and just rotate throughout the day with breaks for lunch and chores.

The reading station:


I love this station. There are days that they are reading for 3 hours. How awesome is that.

The whatever station:


This station is, well, whatever. The computer is real popular during this time.

The Wii station:


Surprisingly this has been one of the more popular games at the Wii station.


Even with the boys.


Yeah I had to bribe him to let me post a picture of him playing the game, but it was well worth the money it cost me!

Since this is something they came up with on their own it is fun for them and since it is every other day there is plenty of time for us to go and do other things.


  1. Good idea. It is hard keeping them entertained here. Our summers are like everyone else's winters. The kids can only be outside for a little while, and water is best involved. I love that they came up with this.

  2. good for them for coming up with a plan...maybe you can throw a couple of suggestion into the rotation!

  3. This is a great idea!!! Good for them formaking a plan! :)

  4. My kids might still be a little to little for this idea especially since Nikyla thinks she is always needing to be entertained. But man what a great idea. I think we might have to modify this idea and try it even if they might be to young--- or I'll hold on to it until they get older. Tell big J WAY TO GO!!!

  5. Oh my heck! What brilliant little offspring you have! I can only WISH mine came up with something so awesome. Does it cut down on the fighting and snipping? I am so totally going to 'recommend' this idea to my little people.

    You know, when they were all babies I actually DID do this. There was the play gym station, the swing station, the high chair with cheerios station etc. etc. It never occurred to me that it could be done for older kids. Hmmmm. Now the wheels are turning!

  6. great idea! Hmmm i may try that.

  7. WOW! You really have some great kids!

  8. Love it. Way to go Big J for coming up with the idea.