Let The Learning Begin

Today was the first day of school. Back to waking up to an alarm clock. Back to waking up sleeping kiddos that want to stay sleeping. It goes against every fiber of my being to wake kids up. Do you know how much time it took them to fall asleep? This morning I didn’t have to worry about waking the boys up. Big J was awake and reading, and Einstein was bouncing around the room with excitement. What is wrong with these kids? And where did they come from?!? I am just thankful that Roo did not want to wake up and it took her a little while to get moving…That’s my girl.

Here they are ready to go.


Einstein is one of the most laid back kids I know and he wasn’t the least bit nervous about the first day back. He just takes everything in stride.


Roo was a little nervous this morning, but a lot more calm than I really expected her be. But then again, how can you be nervous when you know you look cute in your new dress?!?


Big J, on the other hand, was trying to be calm; but you could just tell he wasn’t ready for today.


The elementary school starts the earliest so Big Daddy stayed home long enough to take Einstein and Roo to school.

IMG_1044 IMG_1043

We live so close to the middle school that Big J just walked to school. There is a group of friends that have decided to meet up and walk to and from school together and really I don’t think he wanted or needed Mom with him. But don’t tell him I can go in our backyard and climb on the trampoline and watch him walk to school. Not that I would or anything.


By the time all the kiddos left the kidlets were just plum worn out.


I really don’t know what the deal is with these two. All summer with 5 kids was more calm than today with just the 2 of them. Thankfully LaLa starts school tomorrow so they will have a little break from each other.

Between breaking up fights between the kidlets and a quick therapy session for Ham I just sat and watched the clock just waiting for today to be over. And waiting. And waiting…

I didn’t think it was ever going to be time to go pick up Einstein and Roo.

But finally….


They both were so excited about their day.


They made new friends and had so much to talk about.


Then the wait for Big J to get home. It’s really nice how close we live to the school…really nice.


It feels so good to have the first day done and over with,


and now we are back in the routine.


  1. Congrats on surviving day 1! It was probably harder for you than it was for them. Love all the pics- what cute kids they are.

  2. Your kiddos are so cute and I love the new dress.
    I remember sending the boys off on that first day and I was more of a wreck than they were.
    How come school starts so soon there? My grand kids don't start till August 20th.
    God bless

  3. Happy First day of school! :)
    Did you have warm cookies for them when they came home?

  4. Oh my heart went out to Big J. I know that nervous feeling.

    I wish I could watch from my tramp. Not that I would or anything.

    I always have to give my boys a half a sleeping pill the night before school starts. Otherwise they won't sleep good.