Happy Birthday LaLa

Today LaLa turned 4. 4?!?
4 things I love about LaLa.
1. I love her beautiful blue eyes and her freckles. (I know, technically that’s 2 things)
2. I love her deep belly laugh. You know she is really happy when the belly laugh comes out.
3. I love that she can wink with both eyes and looks so dang cute when she does it.
4. I love that I am her Mom.
Happy Birthday LaLa!
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  1. Happy Birthday! your cousin Owen will be 4 on friday!!!


    cousin judy

  2. dang. i can't even wink with both eyes. well, i can is i squint and squish my face up. she's a pro!

  3. When I met her in person I thought she was absolutely adorable but those pictures are GREAT! I wish my daughter was 4 again! LOL She will be 21 next week. Enjoy these days for as long as you can!

  4. happy birthday sweet face! i know that blog header was fun. but my beauty sleep is suffering because of all the ideas in my brain.

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday!
    Your Aunt Niece loves you so very much and I can not wait to see you in just a few days!

  7. Happy Birthday LaLa! She is just adorable!

    I'd love to hear her belly laugh someday!