Hands-On Equations

***Brag Alert***Brag Alert***Brag Alert***
This is to warn you that this is a full-on Brag post. If you don’t want to read how incredible my kids are stop reading now!
***Brag Alert***Brag Alert***Brag Alert***
Big J is in ELP. ELP is the Enhanced Learning Program in the school. He has an incredible ELP teacher that really pushes these kids to excel. He uses a math program called Hands-On Equations that was invented by Dr. Henry Borenson. It is a program where these kids are mastering High School Algebra in 5th grade. Last year the 5th grade class completed the program right before the end of the year and were able to take the test before school got out and it took the first student almost 2 hours to finish the test.
Well this year’s 5th grade class completed the program in time to take the test before Spring Break and 3 students got 100%. Big J was one of those students. When Mr. D told him he got 100% he got a little teary-eyed he was so happy (at least he gets that from me).
He was also the first one to complete the test…in 11 minutes.
Dr. Borenson lives in Germany and is 85 years old. Each year he send certificates for all of the students who pass his test.
This is an example of the Hands-On Equations test. Big J told me this was one of the “easy” test. I was happy that I could do some of the problems.
These are all of the 5th Graders that passed the test. All of the other kids got 90% on the test. I thought that was pretty impressive that everyone of these kids got an A.
They are getting their picture in the newspaper and in “Gifted Child” magazine.
With the changes in our school district next year they will be working on college level algebra.
And Einstein…his class in on track to complete the test in 4th grade. Neither Mr. D or Dr. Borenson have had kids so young be so far along in the program.
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  1. Wow!!!! Way to go Big J. That is really impressive.

  2. I'm so excited for you son. Let's keep this framed certificate for a LONG time, okay?

  3. Well, I guess I have the definitive answer then. I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader!

    Congrats to Big J. That is a BIG DEAL! I am so impressed. Mama, you get a 'Free Brag Pass' for this one because Big J deserves to be bragged about.

  4. That is awesome! I just love Mr. D. I wish he would've been here when Taylor was in ELP. The teacher he had was lacking quite a bit.

  5. Way to go Big J.. You are so incredibly awesome..
    My girls have been SO Incredibly naughty today. Worse then they have been in a long long time & that's saying a lot....

  6. Lene,
    Congrats Big "J"
    Love you,
    Aunt Niece