Easter Pictures

This post heavy on pictures and light on words. Still struggling with writers block, but the camera still works!

Waking up for Easter baskets.


The kiddos were shoving candy in their mouths so fast. You would think they hadn’t eaten in days. I really need to find a better way to do Easter morning so that there is a little nutrition in their tummies before the candy gets there.


Our church doesn’t start to 2pm, so there was plenty of time for the kids to get totally hopped up on candy. We were planning on staying for just Sacrament Meeting and even then I spent most of it in the foyer with LaLa and Ham and more than the usual amount of fussy kids.

After Church we headed to the Temple for our tradition of taking pictures of the kiddos in front of the Temple in their Easter clothes.


Can you tell LaLa was done with pictures?


Then off to Grandpa and Grandma’s for dinner and a Easter Egg Hunt.


The Easter Egg Hunt is usually outside, but wet grass and mud really don’t mix well with Easter Egg Hunts.


I don’t think the kids minded being inside…there was still chocolate in the eggs.


  1. Ahhh the kids had soooo much fun and they are soooo cute....


  2. The kiddos looks so beautiful all dressed up on Easter morning! I love the pictures...especially the one with LaLa sticking our her tongue. I guess she told you huh!

  3. Cute pics. Looks like they enjoyed themselves. I love your tradition of going to the Temple for Easter pics. I think I may have to steal that and add it to my arsenal. I don't have very many Easter tradtions.

  4. The Easter pictures are darling! I love the ones you took at the temple. I think that is a great tradition, of taking pitcures at the temple on Easter. How is your foot doing?

  5. I love the Mesa Tempe pictures. The ground must be really big?