It has only been the last few years that we dye eggs for Easter. I was afraid of the mess and the work, but finally at one point it clicked--Do it outside and with the least amount of parental interference involvement the better. Again one of the things I learned to just embrace the fun of it.

So tonight we were running out of egg dyeing time and I knew my kids would not forgive me if it didn’t get done. I had a real short debate about doing it in the morning, but decided just to get it done tonight.

This is what it looked like outside when we started.


And it was kind of cold.

But we didn’t let that stop us.


I remember my Mom boiling dozens and dozens of eggs. I think the 5 of us had at least our own dozen. Not at Casa de Chaos – 2 dozen is my limit.


I don’t think Ham touched a single egg…not that he didn’t want to. Notice Big J stopping him from touching the table. And no he is not wearing pants.


I did get a little crafty with a few eggs. I used reinforcement stickers and put them on a few eggs before we started dyeing the eggs. If you notice in some of the pictures LaLa has the stickers all over her face. Then I took the eggs with the stickers and dyed them, then pulled off the stickers. It was trickier than I thought it would be. I noticed that if I wasn’t careful I would rub some of the dye off when i was trying to get the adhesive off the egg.


Cute, don’t you think?


I also did the old stand-by of writing everyone’s name with a white crayon before dyeing the eggs.


And I remembered to get a picture of all the kids together after the fun.


Voila! Egg-stravaganza.



  1. Hey, Darlene! I absolutely LOVE your blog! The Easter eggs turned out so cute, and I like your idea about dyeing them outside! Why wasn't I that smart all those years? You, David and your adorable kids are one AMAZING family and I just love & admire you greatly! Have a joyous Easter!

    Auntie Darlene :)

  2. I love the polka dot eggs! Glad everyone had a fun time.

  3. Those stickers were a good idea!