Thursday's Child - Friday Edition

Yes I know it's Monday, but I just haven't had the chance to do this post before now. Don't you hate when life gets in the way of blogging?!? At least I am at the point where I don't let blogging get in the way of life....Anywoo.

This week Thursday's child is brought to you by Big J and Einstein.

Last Wednesday I got a call from the ELP teacher from the school letting me know the boys would be getting an award on Friday at the end of the quarter award assembly. I knew they were both getting a couple of awards, but I also knew that it was possibly Ham's last therapy session and I didn't want to miss that. So with a few phone calls and rearranging some scheduling I knew I was going to be able to be there. Then I found out that Big Daddy was going to be able to be there also. Woohoo. We weren't going to tell the boyz we were going to be there, but Big Daddy has a real hard time with surprises.

Here is Einstein getting his award for Principal's list: (Don't you love how he posed for me so I could get the picture?)


Big J getting his award for Principal's list:


Principal list is the highest honor roll. The kids that are on it have to get higher than 95% on any grade. In 3rd grade there were a bunch of kids on the Principal's list, but by 5th grade the numbers had dwindled to just a few kids on it.

Then the ELP teacher got up to give his award for the ELP student of the month.


He started by saying that this quarter there were Co-ELP students; one from 3rd grade and one from 5th grade. At this point the boys still have no idea that they have won. Then he starts describing the 3rd grade winner and Einstein thinks at this point he knows who it is...and it isn't him. Then Mr. D starts describing the 5th grade winner and I sat and watched Big J's and he still had no idea he is talking about him.

Then Mr. D said that the most amazing part is that both winners are from the same family. I couldn't see Einstein from where I was sitting, but Big J's face was the best. He was totally surprised.

I know this picture is blurry, but I couldn't resist posting it.


Co-ELP Oustanding Students


I am totally in awe that I have been trusted with these amazing children.


  1. Wow, way to go guys, and way to go mom!

  2. takes a good mom and some genius genes to be rewarded so...

  3. Way too cool! Knowing you and Big Daddy (so weird to write that) I knew you'd have amazing kids. That's so awesome for them. . . and you.

  4. You must be sooo proud of your boys, congratulations! They both sound awesome!

  5. Congrats to your boys!! That is SO awesome!!

  6. How Awesome is that! What Great kids you have. You must be so proud & are truly blessed! Have fun on Spring Break. Ours is next week..