Thursday's Child - Birthday Edition

Yesterday was Big J's 11th birthday. We usually have low-key birthdays, just invite family over for dinner and have cake and ice cream. But last night was a little different. Besides celebrating his birthday it was a special night for Big J for a different reason: It was a special Cub Scout Pack meeting.

Big J and and his friend Spence both earned the Religious Emblem Square Knot.


And since there hadn't been any awards given out the last few months due to different reasons Jared was given all of them last night, and there was a bunch. Including his Webelos badge. (Notice Ham up there making sure his brother got all of his awards.)


He also received his Arrow of Light award. The scout leaders had a nice little ceremony...which included me sitting up on the stage for waaay too long in front of people. I would much rather stay in the crowd being proud of the kidlets than sitting up in front of everybody.


Anywho...since the night wasn't about me I will get back to Big J...

Part of the program included me painting Big J's face like an Indian warrior. Look how intent I am at doing it right. Okay again about me....but hey it is my blog.


Here is Big J and Spence with their Arrow of Light Awards. The really neat thing....it was Spence's birthday also. How cool is that?


Then they had a Bridge Crossing ceremony for the 3 boys that were going to be going to 11 year-old Scouts. These are probably 2 of Big J's best friends. It is so neat that they are advancing through Cub Scouts and on to Scouts together.


Here he is with his award


and amazing Warrior paint. My ancestors would be proud.


Afterwards we headed home to celebrate his birthday. Woot Woot.

Einstein made the coolest card for him.


On it he listed his "11 things" about Big J:

  1. My Brother
  2. Likes to play inside and outside
  3. Born March 18, 1998
  4. Likes to play by himself and with others
  5. Has many friends
  6. Smartest kid I know
  7. First child in his family
  8. Very athletic
  9. Very funny
  10. Likes many games
  11. My best friend

I thought it was an awesome tribute to his brother...and yes I got a little teary eyed as he read the list.

Finally we got to the cake. Big J wanted a tall layer cake. It was pretty tall and by the time I was done frosting it, it was pretty crooked. Oh well, it held candles and tasted great...if I do say so myself.


I hope you had a wonderful birthday Big J.


I love you and think you are a great Warrior in so many ways!


  1. AWesome. way to go Big J!!!!
    Happy belated Birthday to your young man!

  2. What a great day!!
    "E's" card is priceless beyond words.
    Happy B-day and Congrats again "J"!
    I love you,
    Aunt Niece

  3. Way to go Stud Muffin! You are such an awesome kid. What a cool cake - we didn't get any cake, what's up wtih that??
    That is such a great idea to do warrior face painting. And I must say you did an awesome job!
    Happy Birthday Big J..

  4. Awesome! What a fun time for him.

    (and since I always look in the background at people's houses, is that vinyl on your fridge? I love it. Very creative)