Thursday Child - Rapunzel Edition

I enjoy reading...a lot. Most nights before I go to sleep I spend time reading. Sometimes I stay up much too late reading. An author that I enjoy is Shannon Hale. She writes usually writes young adult fiction with strong female characters...that usually end up being princesses.

Roo has inherited that same love of reading. I love to see her curled up with a book, or reading picture books to LaLa and Ham. I thought that she still had a few years until I could introduce her to Shannon Hale's books.


Until I found this at the library:


It is written in comic book style and it has a strong female character that isn't quite a princess.


It was a pretty long book with some pretty big words and it took her a couple of days to finish it.


And she loved it!


  1. I LOVE your family pictures! How exciting that your little sweetie loves to read at such a young age! She's got a great momma so what can you expect! I love to visit your blog! Love ya!

  2. What a great little reader. She is such a sweetheart.

  3. Yay - way to go, Roo! I signed my 9yo son up on a Goodreads.com account so I can keep track of what he's read (and, hopefully, find more age-appropriate and interesting books for him to enjoy.) It helps me keep track and he loves to add books to the read category. He also likes to rate them (4 out of 5 stars or whatever.)

  4. A couple days! Wow- You go girl... I still haven't finished the book you gave me. I need to read it & get back in the mood to read. My kids aren't big readers at all..

  5. My daughter Cici is just now beginning to read! I can't wait for her to sit and bed and read books like your daughter! What a wonderful thing to inherit from you Lene!

  6. That is awesome Roo!!!
    'Lene that is a great gift you have passed on to your children.
    Love ya