Thursday's Child -- Field Trip Edition

Today I had the chance to spend the day with Einstein...
and the rest of his ELP class.
We headed to Mesa to visit here:
ELP is the Enhanced Learning Program for our school district and Einstein's class is made up of only 6 kids. So he gets to spend 1 day a week in a class with a very dedicated teacher and 6 kids. How lucky is that?!? It is an environment that he thrives in and they have the opportunity to learn things that they would never get to learn in a regular classroom.
This is a great museum to take kids to, and with such a small group we had a docent from the museum give us the tour.
This Gentleman taught the kids about the Hohokam Indians and how they made tools. He was fascinating to listen to. You can tell he knows what he is talking about and likes what he does.
There is a spot set up where you can pan for gold.
The kids loved that.
I really enjoy going on the field trips. I love spending time with the kidlets away from home and all the distractions there. I like being in their environment and getting a little peek into their lives away from me.
I feel very blessed to be a Mom to such amazing children. I love the time I get to spend with them.
I really love being a Mom every day...not just Thursday!


  1. That's so awesome. Abbie had just gotten into a program like that in Idaho before we moved down here. What a disappointment to come here and find NO such program. That was one very bitter thing about moving here. She would have loved it. Oh well.... :o) really, I have moved on... no, really...

  2. We have the same ELP teacher - Mr. D. right? Don't you love him? I am so sad that they are thinking about cutting ELP. Connor loves it and needs it so much! Is there anything we can do? You can email me by replying to this comment.