So Do You Think I Am Confusing Him?

Last night as I put my boy child to sleep I stopped to ponder if I might be going to far in using hand-me-downs...
From his pink ballerina bear jammies
to his ruffled, flowered bedding.
Maybe, just maybe I have gone a bit far. Thankfully I am sure that he is comfortable with his boyish charms to not be concerned with the girly stuff around him...I hope.
This is what his bed usually looks like...not a ruffle in sight. But between a leaky diaper and a leaky bottle we were down to the backup bedding.
But the pink jammies...well seriously hand-me-downs are great, not matter what color, right?!?


  1. It builds character and will help him be a renaissance man.

  2. I totally agree!
    I just love his smile!

  3. It's true. Hand downs are the greatest. I never had many since I was the oldest girl, but I sure did pass some down and love getting them now.

  4. LOL - It will just make him well rounded. Love the ABC bedding!

  5. you had me wondering there for a minute! I"m glad they're just temporary. :o) I would have done the same thing.

  6. I think it's just fine. It just means your secure in yourself as a mother.... And your ok with letting your kids be kids...

  7. Absolutely!! You have to do what you have to do sometimes, and really, there's only so much laundry you can do in a day. I saw a cute tee shirt on a boy once that said something to the effect of "real boys wear pink".