Saturday is a Special Day

It's the day to clean out the garage. At least Big Daddy seemed to think so. There is one thing that I don't think is discussed enough when two people are dating....to packrat or to get rid of. I am, to poor Big Daddy's everlovin' patience, a packrat. He is not. I am extremely sentimental...about everything. Big Daddy? well not so much.

I think there are two areas of our house that drive him absolutely batty. The garage and our master closet. Well we are not even going to start on the master closet. Let's just say one side is neat and orderly and one isn't. One is his side of the closet and one isn't.

Today he decided was the day to tackle the garage. He usually waits until I am gone to see my sister in the summer to do this because then I don't interfere in the magic. Let me just start by saying I have always been able to park my suburban in the garage, but I think it is a dream of his to be able to park his car in the garage. But as a family of 7 we have a ton o' junk. Okay I have a ton o' junk and everyone else just lives here.

First he started by pulling everything off the shelves and doing a little rearranging:


There really is a ridiculous amount of crap really important stuff in there.

Check out these clever scooter parking spots.


Then everything gets reorganized and put back up on the shelves.


Well not everything gets put back. There was a load that was disposed of. And we still have a pile of junk special stuff to find a new home for.


Now the suburban has a clean place to sleep.


Way to claim your man cave Big Daddy!


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  1. What a clean garage! Now you can help me with mine. Do you clean your garage, then it gets messy in less then a week? That happens to ours all the time. I hope you don't mind I put your link as one of my blogging friends.

  2. Our garage really needs straightening...do you think hubby's free next Saturday!?!

  3. Are our husbands brothers? My husband's great nemisis is the basement. He tackled it HARD during the 'vacation' (which of course means I was guilted into helping- but only a little). If he were in charge, everything would be perfectly clean all the time. He'd so make a better housekeeper than I am but I'm a lot more fun so there!

    Way to go Big Daddy. Lene owes you (wink).

  4. WOW--I wish my Jeep had a place to sleep.. **sigh**
    but Ray's '65 MGB gets the garage...that is one thing that NEEDS to be cleaned... judy

  5. Can he come help us too? We both are major pack rats. Troy says he's going to clean the garage, but then we still have all our crap... After. Let's not even discuss closets. Holy moly My closet is terrible..

  6. I think I might be a little jealous, okay a lot! I love all your shelving and hey if it makes big Daddy happy...go for it!

    It's snowing or you all might just have given me some incentive to do ours.

  7. that's funny because my husband could give a flip if our garage is organized....he wants to be able to get the mower out when absolutely necessary and his 4 wheeler a place to sleep besides that doesn't care...nope not a bit. I keep thinking he will have a change of heart but nope not a bit.

  8. It's the same way at my house. And I'm not allowed to go to the garage when he's cleaning it out either. But I'm sneaky and go pull things out of the garbage can after him. And when he threw away an old table that I hadn't found a spot for yet, but then realized it would make a great sewing table after it was gone? I made him let me buy a new table. I can punish by going shopping.

    But it's a good thing they do clean out the garage because no one else is gonna do it, right?

  9. Way to go on that garage cleaning and order! Yeah for you! I hope you had a great new year Lene!

  10. Nice garage. We are alike, I am the packrat, Mike is the clean-guru. Happy New Year!

  11. could you come clean mine please?

  12. nice job, wow, what a dream! :o)

  13. We spent new years day cleaning our garage. Must be that time of year. Preston spent a few hours adding boards to the attic to allow for more storage area. It looks nice but I have given up on ever thinking of actually parking in my garage. It is still a parking spot for our jet ski and 4 huge safes and a lot of other stuff that needs to be stored for the lockshop and much much more. Sorry for the long comment. Way to go big Bro the garage looks nice.

  14. impressive! i am a hoarder too! we just don't have a garage to store all of my crap in. so i covet your garage.

  15. Wow! Your garage looks amazing!!! Is he for hire? :)

  16. I am SO JEALOUS of your garage cleaning day!!! I've been after my man to get ours done for a year. blech. it's bad. Yours looks AWESOME!!!