Gratitude Tree

Tonight we put up our Gratitude Tree.

Actually Big Daddy put it up and we were all his support crew.


If you are wondering what a Gratitude Tree is, it looks a lot like a Christmas Tree without the Christmas ornaments.


We usually don't rush over Thanksgiving with Christmas decorations, but this year Thanksgiving is so late and I couldn't wait to get our tree up.


Big Daddy does the heavy lifting and we just cheer him on.


The part I don't like about the tree is fluffing the branches and getting them back in shape after being in a box for a year.


This year we trained the kidlets to be the branch fluffers. I knew it was a good idea to have a bunch of kids. At times they come in so handy!


Good thing Big Daddy had helpers getting the tree in the right position.


One of the reasons we put the tree up early is to get Ham and LaLa used to the tree before it gets decorated.


Not that Ham would want to touch everything on the tree.


Big J came up with the idea to add a few Thanksgiving decorations and voila!


A Gratitude Tree.

I think this might be a new tradition!


  1. What a wonderful idea!
    And your tree is beautiful!

  2. What a great idea! A good way to get the tree up and out of the way early without looking to anxious for Christmas. I LIKE It! I just wish I had an extra day or 2 to do the same. Not happening this year! BTW- Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. This idea is wonderful! I love the thought of a gratitude tree and wish I would have done one when my kids were small. I agree, this should be a new tradition for you and your adorable family!

    Have a great Thanksgiving Lene!

  4. that's a great idea! ya, kids come in handy once in a while! ha ha!

  5. It helps when you read more than just one post. :-) Love the gratitude tree. What a great way to have "christmas" but not. It is a beautiful tree, hope you post when there is Christmas on it. :-)

  6. Yeah - I should of read this post before the most recent post.. Makes sense now.. And I can't agree more. Maybe I'll make my kids be the fluffers too. But then they might try to be tootin with the fluffin....

  7. The gratitude tree is a FAB idea--that way you can use it for both holidays and enjoy it more.

  8. ok, i love this!!! I love the magic that the christmas lights bring into the home and into the photographs! beautiful!