Back In The Day

When I was younger - a lot younger I had very long hair -- hair down to my waist -- long hair and I begged my Mom to let me get a perm. What self-respecting person didn't have a perm in the early 80's?!? Her answer was always NO! Then she would go on and on about how it would damage my hair and I would regret it and it would be hard to grow out and blah, blah, blah. All the truth, but when you are 12 and you want a perm and your Mom says NO -- well everything else after the NO was blah, blah, blah.

Anywho, we reached a compromise. I didn't get to have a perm and every night she would braid my hair in a bunch of little braids and I would have "bumps". The size of the bumps were relative to the size of the braids. And then she would put pink sponge rollers in the ends so the ends would be nice and curly and cute. Oh how I wish I had pictures of the braiding and curling process and the results. It was a good compromise -- I had cute hair without the damage.

Well last night after Roo's shower I asked her if I could braid her hair so she could bumpy hair for school. So this morning she woke up with this:


And since I don't have pink sponge rollers in my house we resorted to this:


Then we had this:


She wasn't too sure she liked it. In fact she asked if I would spray it down with water so it wasn't so pouffy (I know not really a word, but it works). What?!? The child of the 80's in me just about died! Not pouffy!?!


Then we did a little touching up and added a braid and it looked like this:



And she was happy and cute and pouffy!


Please forgive me my flash spaziness (again not a real word). I really hate that aspect of digital cameras, but sometimes without the flash you lose the details. UUGGHH!!!


  1. Oh, that is so darn cute on her!!!
    Please, tell her aunt niece LOVES IT!
    I use to do the 'bumps" to kira's hair.
    Guess, like mom like daughters!

  2. I didn't know I was so lucky to have perms in the 80s! I can't count how many.... that's a lot of extra work for you mom to do every night. She must have been pretty serious about the perm thing. I bet your hair was so pretty. any pictures?? Roo looks great!

  3. Pouffy was where it was at! I still sometimes have the urge to pouf!

  4. When Jennifer was a little girl, the pink curlers would come out and I would also braid her hair all the time. Now that she is older, shorter hair, I don't do that anymore. Maybe one day I will get a grand daughter, wand I can do that to her hair....


  5. Never ending care worries,, can't we just be bald...

    ok scratch that idea.

    Thanks for coming to my blog and following me.

    I will check on yours too if you don't mind.

    ( I need all the friends I can get)..♥

  6. Hey do you want to do Allie's hair? You are so good at the braiding & parting. Wow!!
    Poofy hair - too funny.
    I had a perm all the time, because my mom couldn't stand my hair straight. Man did I get some bad perms too. I remember my hair falling out in a big clump once. I freaked out..
    Roo you are just too cute!!

  7. Her hair looks really cute. Maybe by the time Taylor is 6 I will be able to braid her hair, for now I am happy to get little and I mean little ponytails in.

  8. the few perms i had in the 80s were disasters! Her hair looks adorable, glad it all worked out..