Pajama Day

This week is Spirit Week at school. It was kicked off with the very popular pajama day. The boys thought it was great -- roll out of bed and go to school. I did have to remind them even if it is pajama day they still had to brush their teeth. What it is with boys not wanting to brush their teeth?!?


I decided that this was the perfect weekend to finally make the pajamas for Roo that I had been meaning to make since before her birthday...in May.


I made sure I had enough fabric to make some for LaLa also. I originally planned on making two pair of pajamas, but LaLa is into a totally dress phase. She MUST wear a dress every day and night. ALWAYS! If there isn't a clean dress or nightgown heaven help us all.


And for some reason asking my kids to sit together and take some pictures translates into running around screaming and acting crazy.


I just want to point out that Ham is walking with both feet flat on the ground. Huge people...HUGE!


  1. Yeah - We truly have reason to celebrate! Yeah Hammie Boy!!!
    I love the pj's & I can't believe you made them. Man is there anything you can't do???
    You know I just adore you to pieces!! Thank you so very much for the Sweet- PMS package & Dr.Pepper. I really needed that & I just couldn't get away to get my own.
    I loved having you over & talking. You are welcome to stop by anytime you want.
    Thanks for being such a Good friend! Your Awesome!

  2. Your little guy is AWESOME!!!! Very cool.
    Love the jammies. They're adorable. Good job!

  3. You are awesome. I don't know anyone who makes their own PJ's!

    They are so cute! Really, really cute!

    I love spirit week

  4. The PJ's turned out so darn cute!! I love them. You are really becoming an amazing "Molly"!
    I am so excited to see both of Ham's feet on the ground.

  5. How cute are those jammies!? I love to spend the day in pj's, but mine aren't nearly as cute.