What Ever Happened To C-A-T


Einstein is in 3rd grade. He has a wonderful teacher. She is young and enthusiastic and quite funny. She has a fun way of handling her spelling tests. On Monday the kids are given a list of 20 words and they take a pre-test on those 20 words. If they spell all of those words correctly on the pre-test they get a new list of 12 challenge words.

This is the list of challenge words for this week:

  1. rumpled
  2. unusual
  3. worried
  4. situation
  5. directions
  6. visible
  7. furious
  8. plunged
  9. examined
  10. dismay
  11. burgundy
  12. anxious


They take another test on Wednesday, if they don't miss any challenge words they don't have to take the test on Friday.


  • Are you a good speller?
  • Are your kids smarter than you? or at least do they think so?


  1. heck with burgnady, how about durectons, cituaon, unusual, wored an al of them makeing me very anshus!!!! Remember I am the parent of a child that does NOT capitalize the letter i, heck he doesn't cap anything!
    I need to go find a cold Pepsi after that!!!
    E, I know you can do it!! Study Hard!
    love ya
    aunt niece

  2. You don't have to worry about Einstein. He hasn't had to take on test on Friday yet.

  3. and just because I am such an over achiever...
    there is no way I would ever spell all the words right on Monday.

  4. I'm a decent speller, but those words seem pretty advanced for 3rd grade.
    My kids are definitely smarter than me, and they know it too.

  5. I know! 3rd grade was a big jump for us too (work wise)

    I love this idea. It gives the "smart" ones extra words, but they think they're getting a "pass"' on Friday's test! Genius teacher!

  6. That is how they do it in my boys school too. I was laughing at some of the words...

  7. Carly's test (also 3rd grade) is set up slightly different but they also have challenge words. This weeks' challenge words were....enourmous, scattered, journey, surrounded, astonished??

  8. oh heavens, i would be in trouble. i could hardly read in 3rd grade. i'm nervous about my little ones going to school... i don't know if they'll be able to spell burgundy in third grade!