We Made It Through

Today was Ham's MRI and he did great. I feel like a bit of a whiner. I know there are so many parents that have gone through so much with sick kids and we have been very blessed with healthy kids. But today was very stressful for me. I worried about how Ham would react to the medication today. And since I am a world-class worrier - I now have to worry until we get the results from today's tests. I don't even know what I am worried about - I just know I am worried! Crazy - huh?

Ham wasn't too concerned about the test this morning. He did pretty well fasting. He wasn't fussy for his bottle this morning and was pretty laid-back. Ok really laid-back on the way to the hospital.


It was strange to come into his room while he was still unconscious.


As soon as he was awake he could have a drink and he was very thirsty.



He was pretty grumpy with he started waking up. The nurses call the anesthesia "Crabby Gas" because little ones wake up pretty crabby. It was strange to see Ham so not like himself, he is usually so easy going.


They were concerned about him having an upset stomach and throwing up. He didn't, but it didn't stop him from using the basin the nurses gave him -- even if it was just for practice.



  1. Oh the poor little guy...but what a trooper! Please please keep us updated!

  2. yes-please keep us informed on the test results. I am sure everything will work out.



  3. Lene,
    You are such an amazing mom. I would be concerned if you were not worried.
    Ham is such an amazing little guy! That will never change, no matter the results. Look how much he has already progressed from simple physical therapy!!
    I love you,

  4. Oh Lene! I am so Sorry, you had a day like that & I wasn't even checking blogs to read that... I would of done something. We have to exchange phone #'s...
    my email is brenwhiz@cox.net-please email me, If you don't mind giving me your #...