Pay It Forward


I am going to play " Pay it Forward". I got this from my sister Janiece. This is how it works folks. I am going to send something to the first 3 people who comment on this post. Then those 3 people promise to send something to the first 3 people who comment on their posts and so on and so on. The something can be anything you made, bought, found or were given. Something you would like to receive. If you want to join the fun...PLEASE leave a comment and then post about the giveaway on your blog. Then send something to the first 3 who sign up.

I think I am going to change the rules up a bit. Instead of the first 3 comments I am going to take all the comments I get for the the next 24 hours and put them in a jar and pull 3 random names to win prizes. Remember you can't win if you don't leave a comment.

Who wants to play?!? This will be lots of fun!


  1. O.K., so fun. I'm so in. Don't put me in a jar, I've never been 1st comment on anyone's blog before!

  2. I'm in! I am in on your sisters too. So that means I have to do it for 6 people? I din't put this on my blog yet, because I was thinking that I waited for some reason???
    A guess a blond moment...
    How is the 1st week of school going?
    Where do you want to meet Linda for Lunch when she comes? We still have to meet. Hello!!!!

  3. I'd like to play too, but I don't have a blog. Just tell me what I need to do! Glad to see that you survived the first day of school! Perhaps there's hope for me yet!
    (Niece's friend from down the lane)