Monsoon Madness

Last night we were hit with a doozie of a storm. Well not really us -- but the rest of the valley. They (whoever 'they' are) said it was one of the worst monsoon storms in about a decade. It wasn't that bad where we live.

The clouds had been brewing all day.




I was getting a little disappointed because it hadn't started raining. I walked out in our backyard to see if it had started raining and could feel the moisture in the air, but no rain. Then I walked out our front door and the rain had finally begun.


Along with the rain we had a few visitors.


It is a frog. They always show up during rain storms.

We woke up to clouds and a relatively cool, humid day.

**I have to give photo credits to Big Daddy for all the great shots of the storm**

**Thanks Big Daddy**

**Hey Big Daddy - How did you like the ending to the movie?**


  1. OH MY GOSH!!
    That storm is amazing!!
    Wish I had been there to see it...

    "Frog..what frog...I didn't see it"
    Let me go back and look again :-)
    Love you

  2. We really didn't get a ton of it either... Those are great pictures Big Daddy!
    My kids would be so excited if we had a frog visit us... Charly & Allie would be so excited & trying to catch it...