Meet The Teacher

Tonight was "Meet the Teacher" at the school. It is nice to go and give the kids a chance to talk to their teachers one on one before the big day. This is the 6th year of having kids in this school, so we know the teachers and the staff fairly well.

Big J is in Mrs. P's class. Her classroom is amazing. I have never seen a classroom so filled with books. She is a big Harry Potter fan, as well as the Spiderwick Chronicles. I thing Big J will do great with her as his teacher.


Einstein is in Miss K's class. Last year was her first year of teaching. Some of the other teachers are really impressed with her and she won a bunch of awards in the district last year. Einstein is the kind of kid that will do well with any teacher, but it is nice knowing that he has a teacher that will appreciate him and his abilities.


Roo is in Mrs. B's class. Last year was Mrs. B's first year teaching at our school, so I don't know her really well. I did ask around to some of the other teachers to see what she is like; they said she is really kind and develops a close relationship with her students. I think that will be good for Roo. She is so nervous to go to 1st grade...today she started crying and was worried about what I will do while she is at school, what if she misses us and what if I start missing her. She is such a sweetheart.


Then both boys are in ELP with Mr. D. He is one of the most enthusiastic and exciting teachers I have ever met. He has an amazing ability to inspire and challenge kids. I also think he is a little insane, but who cares when he is able to get my boys to stretch their minds and embrace learning like he does.


We have been really spoiled at this school because every year at "Meet the Teacher" the PTO has all the school supplies purchased and bagged according to grade level and you just pay them for the supplies and they are delivered to the classroom for the first day of school. Well not this year...we had to go and buy our own school supplies...can you believe that! We had 5 different supply lists we had to get. So tonight at 9pm the boys and I headed to Target to get everything. They kicked us out of the store at 10pm and we are still short a few odds and ends on our lists.


And it sure was a lot cheaper buying it from the PTO!


  1. 1st ROO...I LOVE YOUR HAIR!
    It is so darn cute!!!
    What a fun evening meeting the teachers. The kids look so excited. I am sure J will love having a teacher that likes to read fun books. E, your teacher looks like she will be fun and teach you alot...ALONG with Mr. D. I have always wondered what he looked like. Now I know.
    and "WHAT THE" no PTO bags!!! Were we not just talking about that!
    I am sure next week will seem odd with the 3 gone during the day, but then again you LaLa and Ham to still keep you busy!
    love ya

  2. What a great year lies ahead! Our PTO does a great job of pricing. If you order it at the end of last year, you get 5 bucks off each kid's stuff. Looks like you scored big at Target though!

  3. Man I wish our PTo did that. That sounds like a great deal. Too bad they didn't do it this year though for ya..
    Looks like fun teachers.. Great idea to take the camera & get pictures. I never remember...