I can't believe I went over a week without a post. I am truly in a lazy summer mode plus I had a bit of blogging block.

Here are a few highlights of what you missed:


My sister and I had a girl's day out - without any kids. A very rare occurrence in my life. We didn't plan on dressing in the same color. Sometimes great minds think alike and sometimes feeble minds just have happy coincidences. Don't you love the cheesy grin. We went to Poppy's and looked around. I found a really cute pot rack that I would like to add to my kitchen. Then we went to Joe's Farm Grill for lunch. I just have one word for the food there - YUMMY!


Ham had a few appointments in the last week. We went to the neurologist and had a great appointment. She said she sees some autistic symptoms, but she is more concerned about the lack of use of his lower body. We will be scheduling a brain scan to see if there is any damage from possible bleeding on the brain from being born early. Also they will be doing a MRI on his lower spine to see if his spinal cord is fused. I am really worried about him having to be under anesthesia for all of it. But we need the answers from the tests. Also we had a home visit from a psychologist and physical therapist. Quite the interesting visit. They spent a few hours here checkin' Ham out. He did very well with the psychologist and 'scored well' on his evaluation. His cognitive skills were at a 19 month level, he is 17 months old - for the first time he has scored high on something! The physical therapist didn't have the same good news. She is really concerned about his motor skills and speech skills - or rather lack of both. He has very weak muscle tone so we have exercises that we do with him. Basically he has to do sit-ups to strengthen his core and a lot of stretching his legs and feet. The were a little concerned about sensory issues - like the fact he hates grass. So she gave us this whole assignment to get him to crawl on grass. Then the next day Ham discovered that our grass is really soft and he loves crawling all over in it. So I guess we can check that off of our to-do list. Also since they were here Ham has really discovered he has a voice and it can scream - loud. So I guess that is a good thing. He actually has really started babbling and mimicking our words. With my luck his first true word will be damn or some other equally embarrassing word.


We also had one of our incredible Arizona summer storms. This is the kids out dancing and playing in the rain late at night. No we didn't worry about the lightening and thunder that was going on at the same time.

Also my Dad is home from the hospital. He is doing well. He sure had us scared for a few days. He is pretty weak and getting around slowly, but still trying to do more than he should. I guess that is a good sign!


  1. I'm glad your dad is home, that you had fun with your sister & that Ham is making so much progress...
    We didn't get any of the storm here & what I'm a couple miles away!

  2. I can't believe you didn't get any rain from that storm. It rained really hard and the lightening and thunder went on for quite awhile.