The Fun Is Contagious

Big J has Chicken Pox.


Yes he had the vaccination -- twice.

He hasn't felt bad and the itching isn't too bad. I have kept him on Benadryl. Last night he wanted to know why his lips felt funny. Maybe I have been giving him a little bit too much!

We were suppose to be going out of town for the weekend but now we are staying quarantined. The other kiddos have had the shot, but that doesn't really mean anything. I found out all the shot has done is messed up what we have known about chicken pox. So cross your fingers with me and hope either the other kids all get it at the same time -- or not at all!


  1. Man that stinks... Hope you were able to reschedule your out of town fun... Did he get the vaccination shot?

  2. Have all the kids rub their hands up & down his poxs or something. Maybe they'll all get it together.
    I heard that the shot doesn't keep it away, it just makes it to where it isn't as severe & deadly.. That's what my kids Dr. said...

  3. so glad I always sent my kids to AZ to get the "pox" ...hope they all get it before I come back down :-0
    I know I am selfish!!
    Hey Big J...enjoy the attention!

  4. oh gosh - i got the chicken pox on the first day of summer vacation, back in the 8th grade. what a bummer! but it doesn't look like he's suffering too much (i hope!)