Sometimes You Need A Little Reminder That You Are Not In Control

Well on Friday I got that reminder - Big Time.

So I was amazed with the fact that Adam slept in until noon, not really focusing on the ramifications of him sleeping in that late. Well guess what - that and a few other dozen things really turned around and bit me in the butt on Friday night.

Friday was our Fathers and Sons Outing. Big Daddy and the Big Boys were so excited and ready to go. Big Daddy was home when the kids got home from school and had most everything packed to go.


As soon as the boys got home and packed their stuff they were off.


The girlies and I (and Ham) were ready for our night of fun. We had planned to have a little night of pampering with mini-pedi's for the girls and watch a chickie flick. Well I think that all the fun plans were just too much for LaLa and she fell asleep on the couch (at least she wasn't on the floor again!) before 5pm. I never really know how to react to kids going to sleep that early. There is always a slight chance they could sleep until morning -- or not! So I put her in bed and hoped for the best. Then while we were eating dinner Ham fell asleep. That had me really worried since I had no idea what his sleep schedule might be for the night. So again hoping for the best I put him in his bed. Roo and I had a lovely dinner and watched a movie. Then we decided to watch "What Not To Wear" in my bed before going to sleep. At some point LaLa wandered in and got in bed with us. She was acting pretty tired so I figured she would just go back to sleep. About the time lights were off and we were getting all settled in bed at 9pm (I very rarely am in bed ready for sleep by 9pm) I get a message from Big Daddy "Payson ER. Big J cut leg again. Stitches likely". Well there goes sleep for awhile. Big Daddy and I kept the messages going back and forth. Finally at 1:40am I get the message that they had him sewn up and they were heading back to camp. I knew Big J would be fine and I could relax and go to sleep. Right? WRONG! About that time Ham woke up. After getting a long ol' nap, he was awake and ready to play. The girls were asleep in my bed and I thought I would just hang out with Ham until he settled down and went back to sleep. Pretty soon LaLa wandered in, followed a short time later by Roo. So it is now 2:30am and we are all awake.

roo and ham awake lala awake

me awake

Can you tell how excited I was to be awake!?!?!

LaLa, Roo and I tried to go to sleep in the spare bed in Ham's room while he played in his crib, but the girls kept kicking each other and fighting. I think they were fussy because THEY WERE SO FREAKIN' TIRED! I finally sent Roo to her bed to sleep, the third bed she had been in that night. LaLa finally settled back down and went to sleep, in the third bed she had been in that night. And at about 4am Ham finally went back to sleep, in the one and only bed he had been in all night. And I finally crashed only to wake up at 7am. 7am - What the?!?!?

I was very, very, very tired on Saturday!


  1. Please tell me it was he that woke you up! At least then maybe he'll take a nap or go to bed on time for you that night!! Hope you had a 'day of rest' today and got to catch up!!

  2. lene
    everytime I look at those pictures they make me tired!!!
    Silly kids!!!
    love you