Silk, Linen or Pearls

We have never really celebrated our anniversary in a big way. We started a tradition from our very 1st anniversary that we would buy gifts for each other that went along with the traditional gifts for anniversaries and our budget would match the anniversary we were celebrating. For our 1st anniversary Big Daddy gave me post-it notes for our paper anniversary. This being our 12th anniversary the traditional gifts are silk, linen or pearls that cost less than $12.


Big Daddy got me a pretty, little pair of freshwater pearls and I got him some handkerchiefs (not technically linen, but close enough).


We had fun trying to get a picture of us together. It was very late last night and we were tired.

IMG_4584 IMG_4583


  1. Love the tongue in the ear! Now take it to your room...

  2. It is good to see you both smiling...what pretty earrings too

  3. we try to do the same with our *gifts* each year. looking forward to shopping for some $8 pottery this weekend!

    from the tongue picture, i can just tell that big daddy and matty would get along very well!