Mother's Day Wrap Up

I thought a lot about Mother's Day. I had a great day. I felt loved. I felt appreciated. I felt happy. But I heard it more than one time "I hate Mother's Day." It made me very sad. I heard that expressed for different reasons. My heart is heavy for those women who want to be Moms and for whatever reason they aren't. My heart also breaks for those that are Moms and feel that they are terrible mothers and they just don't get this mom thing. I was talking to a friend the other day and she was saying how she felt like she was the worst Mom ever. EVER! I know some of her reasons, but it still made me sad for her. Do I feel like I am the best Mom ever? Are you kidding? No way.

I have short-comings as a mom, lots of them. I am having a hard time dealing with attitude and sass from a pre-teen. If the answer is no - it isn't going to suddenly turn into yes. It is interesting to deal with a gifted child that doesn't see anything as black and white, but a million shades of gray. 'Go to bed' is pretty straight forward, but not in his world. I find it difficult helping a little girl develop her self-esteem. You are awesome - just believe me. I am tired of being yelled at by a 2 yr-old. Really, really tired of it. My heart breaks as I schedule appointments for nurses and therapist to come to my home and evaluate the sweetest little boy. I see him start to get out of control and there isn't anything I can do to reel him back. But I love my Children, and for right now they are mine.

As imperfect as we are individually, we are perfect together!

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And I had an awesome Mother's Day. Did I have breakfast in bed? Well kind of, I got up and grabbed a Dr Pepper and went and climbed back in bed. Did my sweet family give me some gifts? Yes and amazing homemade cards. But to be honest, I really help Big Daddy out on what I want. I always have. Not just for Mother's Day, but also for birthdays and Christmas. It saves us both grief. Did I have to fix lunch before church? No, but not because it is Mother's Day. Big Daddy always helps on Sunday with lunch, either because I am doing last minute ironing or doing the girls hair, or whatever. It is just something that works for us. Did I cry when the Primary children got up and sang their medley of Mother's Day songs? Yes, of course. Did I have to fix dinner? No we went to my In-laws for dinner where my Mother-in-law had fixed dinner. Would I have rather stayed home and fixed dinner? Maybe. Did my kids fight? Yes. Did I yell at some point? Oh yeah. Did I have to change any poopy diapers? No! Bless your heart Big Daddy. Does he usually change diaper? YES!

Just because it is Mother's Day doesn't mean we get a vacation from being Mothers. It is because of all the work we do that we are celebrated!



  1. Oh my those are so neat...they make me want to cry...
    Oh lene you are so beautiful...and an amazing mother

  2. I couldn't of said it any better... I understand what you mean & am there too...
    I have been in all those situations though too & am so glad to be a mom. No matter how hard it is. I am so blessed!

  3. Lene, when I got your comment on my Mother's Day post I decided to come check out your blog (I've been here once before to read an SPT post).

    I'm SOO glad that I'm not the only one that enjoys Mother's Day and tries to have a realistic but upbeat attitude toward family life. Kudos to you!

    P.S. Maybe we should have an Arizona blog party sometime...