A Day for Moms and Dads Too

Today the kids went all out for Mother's Day at school.

In Roo's class they invited the Dad's too since Father's Day is during the summer break. The kids sang some songs and gave us gifts. They also had some yummy treats.


In Einstein's class they had set up a full-service spa with 4 different stations. First Einstein gave me a manicure and painted my finger nails. Then we moved to the massage area where he gave me a wonderful back rub. By the time we got to the refreshments they were all gone and we didn't have time for the craft project. But we had fun anyway.


Check out those nails! He even gave me a pretty little flower on one finger nail.

Roo gave Big Daddy a really sweet little poem with her foot print. (It made me cry to read it and then when she read it to her Daddy -- Oh my.)


When we got home LaLa and Ham decided to empty the toy box together. Playing together rather than fighting and crying --


It really is going to be a good Mother's Day.


  1. what a great day!
    Glad you got to have E do your nails...that is so awesome
    and I can't wait to ready roo's poem
    love ya

  2. I still have a Mother's Day card from Jennifer. (I think she was 8 yrs old) Plus as we cleaned out the attic, I found a lot of Matt's things from school. These little things are precious. Your kids are so precious....Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories...


  3. How fun! Love the "spa day" idea - cute!!
    I wanna read the poem now! :o)