Grandma's Easter Egg Hunt

We usually go to Big Daddy's family for Easter Dinner and Grandma's Easter Egg Hunt.
Bring on the Eggs!

And the bubbles.

It was fun lining the kidlets up for a picture together. There are two missing cousin. They live in Utah and don't get to come down for family get-togethers very often.

This picture makes me laugh -- just look at Miss T's face. Smile -- I'll give you a smile!

They were done!


  1. oh what fun they are having....such a beautiful day!!! that last two photos are kodak moments....


  2. Never do last long, do they? :) We tried doing pics with all 22 grandkids at Christmas - HA! Oldest was 11 and youngest was 1 1/2! Funniest thing ever!! But may have been because my kids were old enough to not be the problems. HA!!

    Looks like they had a blast finding eggs!!! Can we say "Sugar High"??