Easter Baskets

Easter morning at our house.
Her mouth is soooo full of candy.
In the past I was so stressed out about how the kids would look in pictures on holiday mornings. Their jammies had to be cute and matching. As you can tell I am so over that. Ham isn't even wearing jammies, he was put to bed in the shirt he wore all day Saturday. And what do you know -- the pictures are still fun!


  1. Looks like the bunny found your house! Loads of fun!!! And yes, still very cute pics!

  2. Oh Darlene-those photos are absolutely adorable. Your children are beautiful!!! I actually saw a Robin yesterday!!-YEA!!!But I am sure he flew away once the snow started again. Owen received lots of cars and trains from the Easter bunny and of course one train was left at grandma's house. When I go up there on 4/5-the train will take a trip...