The Best Part.....

We took the 3 older kids to see The Spiderwick Cronicles today.

Big J and Einstein have read all 5 books, over and over. Big J has studied the Field Guide and knows all the different types of fairies and sprites. In fact he wants me to make his birthday cake look like the Field Guide. Anyways...the movie was pretty good. Kind of scary at times. I noticed Roo getting a little nervous. It had a few funny part. But the absolute best part....

Andrew McCarthy played the Dad.

Even if he was in the movie for all of about 1 minute, it made me happy!


  1. hey,
    i'm proud of you going to the movie!!
    So, did you like it?
    I wondered how long until it is out on video...you know me and theaters

  2. Good for you! That is ambitious!! Kids at the movies!
    Love the Pretty in Pink flashback!! Made me smile too! :)

  3. I loved Spiderwick Cronicles. That really was a fun movie. I thought it would be to scary for my five year old, but he thought it was great! If you make his cake look like the field guide--- well that will be something I have to see! Good luck!

  4. I finally realized that you don't have to take all 5 kids everywhere! Can you believe that. So movies are not a problem without LaLa and Ham.
    Except I still have issues sitting in a full, dark theater full of strangers.