School Projects? Due When?

It is the end of the 3rd quarter of school and the "projects" are due.
What happened to simple book reports? or even a simple diorama?
Big J had to do a Science Project.
He chose to do one that involved growing plants. Now mind you I do fine keeping my kids alive and thriving. I am not so lucky when it comes to growing plants - of any kind. The experiment failed. He was suppose to grow three pumpkin plants and see which did better with different types of water.
Only one plant even bothered to grow.

Here is his presentation board - yes he had to turn in a presentation board. Einstein also had a project. He had to create a boardgame based on a non-fiction book. His non-fiction book of choice was on volcanoes.

A boardgame? Hello? I don't have time to be that creative for a school project!

The game turned out pretty cool.


You have to answer questions to move up the lava pipe. The first person to erupt wins. He was pretty excited about how it turned out.

Of course they were both due on the same day. Big Daddy has lovingly tried to teach me they can be turned in before the actual due date. What?!? I don't think so. I am kind of a last minute person and I think I am passing on that not-so-great trait to my children. Oh Well!

Next quarter Einstein has to make a pop-up book!

What the?!?


  1. I know!! My kids had some HUGE projects due as well. Science as well - and had to be one that lasted more than 48 hours. A famous Arizona person report WITH a Wax Museum presentation IN COSTUME!! What do these teachers think??
    Looks like your kids are proud of their work and it looks great!!

  2. Man I am glad my kids are out of school!
    I thought Senior Projects were a pain...
    My question is...what about the child that does not have parent suport? Do they just fail???
    I mean this is what 2nd and 4th grade!!! CRAZY

  3. The projects look awesome...I guess we know what water worked best for the pumpkin!
    E, I love your volcano game...very COOL
    love Aunt Niece