Fat Butt Friday

I am down another 1.5 lbs.
Happy, but a little disappointed. I had been doing so well, then yesterday I went and had a quick lunch with Big Daddy. Sonic is not the best choice for healthy food -- I had a BLT and some of his onion rings. For the love of Pete what was I thinking -- not about losing weight that is for sure. It sure tasted yummy!


  1. Hey! I'd take 1.5 lbs less! Good for you!! Before you know it - it's gonna be Fabulous Butt Friday!!
    And don't I know it - Sonic's onion rings rock! And only their ice with soda! YUM!

  2. I wish I could have been with you to enjoy!!!
    I do have a bag of Sonic Ice in the freezer :-)
    Love you

  3. You tell me when to pick you up at the airport and I will show up with a large diet with fresh lemon!

  4. Oh man...you don't know how much I would like that!
    The neighbor came down with his loader and moved the snow out of my driveway. At least now I can leave IF I want to.
    Though to be honest, I have the floor heater blowing on my feet, Itsey on my lap, and I a very content. I do miss you soooo much.
    I NEED to see you guys.
    Love ya