Saturday is a Special Day

We had a very productive Saturday. We were able to do some yard work. Big Daddy does the hard stuff, I do the light work and the kids do a little work and a lot of scooter and bike riding. The front lawn looks pretty good. It will look so much better when it is green again.
We also went grocery shopping. For the last few weeks we have been doing drive-by shopping. Stopping and picking things up when we needed them. But now the cupboards are well stocked - for a little while at least!


  1. wow the shelves looks wonderful...do you have shortening??

    Congrats to J & E.
    So, where do you have to go for karate now?

    Josh has had 8 new students since the first of the year!

    Take Care

  2. Of course I have shortening -- how else would I make scones?!?!?

  3. WoW! I need to "hire" you to come and organize my cupboards! :)
    Fun - I miss our time outside together. We will have to get back to this after the show opens! :)

  4. Yes, yes, yes!
    Big Daddy and I were just talking about the "fun" drive home from Yuma.