Idaho As I See It

I really enjoy visiting Idaho. It really is beautiful, and so different from where I live.

IMG_0250 IMG_0247 IMG_0259 IMG_0263 IMG_0264 IMG_0311 IMG_0258 IMG_0267 IMG_0308 IMG_0378 IMG_0377 IMG_0126 IMG_0131 IMG_0435IMG_0132 IMG_0414 IMG_0425 IMG_0429 IMG_0430 IMG_0499 IMG_0494 IMG_0492

Aren’t those peonies to die for?!?


  1. the pictures you took are amazing!!

    So...what are those flowers called?
    PEE O NEES???

    Love yo and miss you

  2. I still can not believe that you could find so many things in the yard to take amazing pictures of!

    Where were the yellow roses at? Hank's with the Peonies?
    P O KNEES?

  3. The roses are at the yellow A-frame I think. Somewhere between you and Oakes.

  4. What beautiful photos Lene...you've got such an eye for photography!

    Yes, Idaho looks beautiful. We're in Colorado right now and boy it's pretty here too.

  5. Lene, it looks like you had such a wonderful time while in Idaho. Love the pictures! Welcome home! :)

  6. Beautiful pictures...I especially love the ones with the flowers...

  7. Hello Lene! I was hoping to see you last night at the enrichment activity to tell you how I've enjoyed keeping up with your travels and weather woes on FB. ;)
    Your pictures say it all - what a great time you all must have had!

  8. Great photos. I do miss the flowers and greenery when I go back home to UT. Especially this time of year when all my flowers are frying.

  9. love the pics especially that little mushroom...I have a thing for mushrooms!

  10. Beautiful pictures!

    Glad you made it home ok. You should have stopped in to see Frank & Sharron at the JSM in SLC, they would have loved to see your little fam!

    Jaocb has sent some great pictures home from Mesa.

  11. Beautiful Pictures, they could all be postcards.